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Lots of action to catch up on: KDC World Skateboarding Championship,Street League Skateboarding  Nike SB Super Crown Championships that included the historic first-ever Women’s Skateboarding Super Crown; Damn Am Woodward West; an update on the Skate 2020 Summit,  NORA Cup Awards in BMX Freestyle, and a look at Alexis Sablone’s Recognize video.

"The images of where I’m from and where skateboarding has taken me
are stuck in my head, the friends, the style and the beliefs of skateboarding
are unique, it’s something you have to live to understand…”

   -Geoff Rowley, skateboarder

World Skateboarding Champioships

Skateboarding World Championships

The Skateboarding World Championships were held in Kimberley, South Africa October 7-10, 2015 with Pro Men’s and Women’s Street, Pro Men’s Vert, South African Street, and Rider Cup. 

In the Men's Pro Street,  Huston edged out Oliveira; Alexis Sablone took the top spot in Women's Street; and Jimmy Wilkins won the Pro Vert event.
Here are the podium results:

Pro Men’s Street World Championships

  1. Nyjah Huston (USA)     
  2. Luan Oliveira (Brazil)                             
  3. JS Lapierre ( Canada)   

Women’s Street World Championships

  1. Alexis Sablone  (USA)
  2. Vanessa Torres (USA)
  3. Leticia Bufoni (Brazil)

For full results go to Kimberley Diamond Cup 

Rider Cup Championships

  1. Team AKAM (Alan Marola, Allan Adams, Brandon Valjalo, Khule Ngubane
  2. Traes 1 Cup (Trae Rice, Kanya Spani, Yann Horowitz, Josh Chisholm)
  3. Durban Dirtbags (George van Blerk, Kalvyn Mac Millan, Braxton Haine, Thariq Makuyi)

South African Street Championship 

  1. Brandon Valjalo
  2. Alan Marola
  3. Allan Adams

Vert World Championships results

  1. Jimmy Wilkins (USA)
  2. Mitchie Brusco (USA)
  3. Pierre Luc Gagnon (USA)

Skate 2020 Summit

World Skateboarding Federation announced they would be hosting a series of Skate 2020 summits,
over the next year to organize, support, and unify skateboarding in preparation for potential inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympic Games.

The first summit was held on October 7 in South Africa in conjunction with the Skateboarding World Championships in Kimberley. The “Skate 2020 Agenda” was introduced by WSF at the inaugural Global Skateboarding Summit in Istanbul in May and will inform the agenda for each summit.  The Skate 2020 Agenda:

  • Develop 40 National Governing Organizations over the next two years (WSF is already working with 23 countries)
  • Create a minimum of 17 WSF-sanctioned regional and national contests that feed into national championship events
  • Create and support a global youth development program
  • Create a universal scoring system and qualifications for skateboarders to earn entry
  • Host International Judging Conference 
  • Gender equity

“There is much to be discussed in order to prepare for the Olympics. These summits will help organize federations and bring key parties together to discuss the framework for the Skateboarding World Championships and possible Olympics. This is a huge opportunity for skateboarding and we are encouraged by the Olympic conversations taking place and think it will bring so much benefit to the skateboarders, the fans and the youth around the world who will be inspired by these incredible athletes."   -Tim McFerran, President of World Skateboarding Federation.  

Gotta See: Alexis Sablone- Recognize

Alexis Sablone is a renaissance woman- a skateboarder and scholar. She won the KDC Women’s Skateboard World Championships a few days ago, won a gold medal at X Games Austin in Women’s Skateboard Street this past summer - her third gold in the event  ( Sablone won gold in 2010 and 2012/ Los Angeles). Her latest video, Recognize, features Sablone along with the style and technicality she seems to effortlessly exude.


Jenkem Mag recently had a compelling interview with Sablone that will make you a fan if her skating hasn’t already done so. Check out the interview and her Recognize video.

In Case You Missed It: Ride BMX NORA Cup Oct 4

 The 19th annual edition of the prestigious NORA Cup, the Transworld Ride BMX  peer voted awards, went off in Las Vegas in September.


Ramp Rider:  Dennis Enarson

Dirt Jumper: Clint Reynolds

Flatlander:  Viki Gomez

Street Rider: Dakota Roche

Web Video Part: Garrett Reynolds – Red Bull 2015

Video Part: Simone Barraco – What Could Go Wrong?- The Shadow Conspiracy

Video Of The Year: Above Below – Monster Energy

Ride BMX Readers’ Choice—Rider Of The Year: Glenn Salyers

"Haters never make it, so just keep talking shit." - Harold Hunter, skateboarder

Refresh Your Memory: Street League Skateboarding Nike SB Super Crown

It’s been over a week, but it bears repeating that Brazilians Kelvin Hoefler and Leticia Bufoni took the top spots at the Men’s and Women’s Street League Skateboarding Super Crown Championships in Chicago, IL on October 4, 2015. Their wins were historic; Bufoni is the first woman skateboarder to win a Street League title and first women’s Super Crown Champ, and Hoefler is the first rookie to win a Street League title.

Monster Energy Highest Scored Trick: Nyjah Huston- Nollie backside flip

Damn Am Woodward West

SkatePark of Tampa and Street League Skateboarding took the Damn Am to the final stop of the year, Woodward West, where there was the usual insane shredding and hijinks. Yoshi Tanenbaum came out on top again. As always, top 2 skateboarders earn spots in Tampa Am semi-finals. and skaters that finish in top 12 earn spots in Tampa Am qualifiers.

Damn Am Woodward West Results
  1. Yoshi Tanenbaum
  2. Dashawn Jordan
  3. Maurice Jordan

Independent Trucks Best Trick

  1. Dylan Williams- Kickflip Crooked Grind Nollie Heelflip
  2. Jared Cleland Fakie Frontside Crooked Grind Shove it
  3. Mike Piwowar- Nollie kickflip Backside Nosegrind
  4. Maurice Jordan- 360 Flip Noseslide Nollie Kickflip
  5. Alexis Ramirez-Hardflip Frontside Boardslide

Enjoy your ride - enjoy your life!


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