• Written by Leigh Roche
October 4,2015


There has been an avalanche of BMX Flatland lately, I had to devote this column to the splendor of BMX Flat. Last weekend was one of the busiest weekends of the year for contests and jams, especially in Europe. Here are results from the contests that were held at the end of September and early October: UK BMX Flat Championships, Parisiana Jam, Urban Waves in Belgium, and IOXC in Indonesia.

#Throwback Video- BMX Masters Flatland Highlights

This Throwback video goes back to 2010 and the Flatland Finals at BMX Masters in Cologne, Germany. Adam Kun of Hungary won the BMX Flat title that year

UK BMX Flatland Championships

UK champs 2015, Martti Kuoppa & Matthias Dandois from ImUlllNosFides on Vimeo.

Martti Kuoppa, BMX Flat legend and innovator, took the top spot at the UK Flatland Championships last weekend. Kuoppa “retired” in 2011, but returned to BMX Flat and completely killed it  at NEC Birmingham, UK on Sept 27, edging out Matthias Dandois.


UK Flatland Championship Results

  1. Martti Kuoppa
  2. Matthias Dandois
  3. Alex Jumelin
  4. James White
  5. Keelan Phillips
  6. Josh Briars
  7. Steve Green
  8. Aran Gillian
  9. Dino Jeffers
  10. Jason Forde
  11. Bodean Maarsen

Parisiana Jam

That weekend also saw BMX Flat action at the Parisiana Jam.To celebrate Paris ‘car-free’ day, the Parisian locals organized the second edition of Parisiana Jam on September 27th at the famous Opera spot. Congratulations to SeongHoon Lie who took first place!

Parisiana Jam Results

  1. SeongHoon Lie
  2. Florent Guyennon
  3. Renaud Meloni

There was also the Urban Waves Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium on September 27, 2015.

Matthias Dandois took the win,  then headed over to the UK Flat Championships.

Urban Waves BMX Flat Results:

  1. Matthias Dandois
  2. Viki Gomez
  3. Alex Jumelin
  4. Sietse van Berkel
  5. Gilles van de Sompel


IOXC VII Jam Indonesia


Congratulations to Jean William Prevost holding onto the top spot in qualifying and finals at the 2015 Indonesia X-Sports Championships, (IOXC) BMX Flat contest held at Telkom University in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The action sports event held October 2-4 2015 attracted over 300 athletes from Europe the Americas and Asia and included in-line skating as well as skateboarding in addition to BMX Park and Flatland. IOXC is now the biggest action sports festival in Southeast Asia. 

IOXC BMX Flat Results

  1. Jean William Prevost (Canada)
  2. Hafiz Bin Abd Wahab (Malaysia)
  3. Toon Pakphum (Thailand)

If you enjoy watching BMX Flat and want to keep up with even more, visit Flatmatters online and Global Flat.

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