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Action Sports with Leigh Roche

Action sports rewind August 14-20, 2015 featuring Dew Tour Los Angeles, Snipes Rollback BMX CGN,
and a peek at the Scumco & Sons video, Bite It, and more.

"One day I'm gonna look back at this & be like, man I had a good extended childhood." -Dennis Enarson, BMX Pro

Rollback BMX Session BMX CGN




This year, the Snipes BMX CGN, (formerly BMX Worlds ) took a break to regroup and instead, had a Rollback Back to the Roots event on August 15, 2015, with a whole 1980s BMX theme- clothes, music, and riding. BMX Cologne at the Youth Park has been a major European BMX Freestyle event since 1984 and this year featured Spine Ramp, Street, Flatland and Kickturn Ramp, as well as a world premiere of the Shadow Conspiracy video, What Could Go Wrong.

Gotta See: Scumco & Sons

Scumco & Sons ~ Bite It from Scumco & Sons on Vimeo.

Scumco & Sons, from Pittsburgh, PA, USA, makes original skate decks, accessories, and clothing available in the US and internationally.
Their team put together Bite It and it's hugely fun to watch!

Gotta See: Sister Session

Sister Session (2012), by filmmaker Brett Astrid Vomma was featured again at the Bicycle Film Festival in Singapore. The short film, first aired at the Bicycle Film Festival in 2013, documented women in Freestyle BMX competing in for the first time at a major event, Simple Session, an international BMX Freestyle competition in Tallinn, Estonia. If you never got a chance to see this groundbreaking video, watch it now!

Sister Session  from Simple Session on Vimeo.

Dew Tour LA


Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. - Edgar Degas

Dew Tour LA

This was the third Dew Tour event for this year. I haven’t been covering Dew Tour events, instead preferring to give some time to lesser-publicized action sports events. But this Dew Tour in Los Angeles was all skateboarding, with traditional street course and vert ramp, and the Streetstyle contest which Dew Tour has pioneered at the contest level. Actually, regular old street skating pioneered street style, and Dew Tour has successfully reincorporated raw, unpredictable surfaces and obstacles of street skating back into the contest level.


This year, Dew Tour added their first Shop Showdown, presented by TransWorld SKATEboarding
and of course music, art, and everything to celebrate the skateboarding culture and lifestyle.

Jimmy Wilkins crushed the vert contest for his first Dew Tour win, and Kelvin Hoefler won the Street and Streetstyle contests.
Those wins, along with his win in the Dew Tour Chicago, give him a solitary spot at the top of the Dew Tour this year.

The Dew Tour Shop Showdown had Denver, Colorado’s 303 Boards taking the top spot at  Dew Tour Los Angeles, with Frederick, Maryland's Pitcrew taking second.

Dew Tour Street Style Results

  1. Kelvin Hoefler
  2. Trevor Colden
  3. Ryan DeCenzo
  4. Louie Lopez
  5. Milton Martinez
  6. Ryan Sheckler
  7. Alec Majerus
  8. Leo Romero
  9. David Gonzalez
  10. Tommy Fynn

Dew Tour Skate Street Results

  1. Kelvin Hoefler
  2. Louie Lopez
  3. Shane O’Neill
  4. Tom Asta
  5. Chris Joslin
  6. Trevor Colden
  7. Cody McEntire
  8. Alec Majerus
  9. Felipe Gustavo
  10. Boo Johnson

Dew Tour Skateboard Vert Results

  1. Jimmy Wilkins
  2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
  3. Elliot Sloan
  4. Mitchie Brusco
  5. Paul Luc Ronchetti
  6. Sandro Dias
  7. Andy MacDonald
  8. Alex Perelson
  9. Marcelo Bastos
  10. Bob Burnquist

Dew Tour Shop Showdown had Denver, Colorado’s 303 Boards taking the top spot at  Dew Tour Los Angeles, with Frederick, Maryland's Pitcrew taking second.

Coming Attractions:

Street League Series Nike SB Super Crown World Championship August 23

Dreams the story of legendary, innovative  and groundbreaking BMX Flatland rider, Terry Adams, airing on Extreme TV on August 22, 2015.

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