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Dropping In-Nitro World Games

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July 17, 2016
Leigh Roche

Nitro World Games


The first Nitro World Games, a multi-discipline international action sports event, kept the action coming in July in an incredible way!
Nitro World Games injected serious adrenaline back into action sports competitions, exciting the core fans and new viewers of action sports.

Nitro Circus CEO and Creative Director, Michael Porra along with action sports icon Travis Pastrana, created a competition featuring some of the best athletes in seven of the most popular action sports events to “reinvigorate the world of action sports.” Nitro World Games  (NWG) was a three-hour event, held at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake CIty, Utah, USA and broadcast live in the US on NBC television.   NWG will no doubt make the excitement of action sports more accessible to a wider audience globally, with the potential to be an action sports Olympics.

An additional plus about the Nitro World Games was the inclusion of the defunct X Games discipline, inline skating. I remember watching the very first X Games way back in 1995, being stoked about such a forum for action sports and knowing something historic was happening-- and the NWG definitely evoked similar feelings. Hopefully NWG will continue as an annual event that grows and showcases the constant progression of these sports, which are both athleticism and artforms.

Highlights include record-breaking mind-blowing tricks, including triple backflips landed by six out of eight athletes in BMX Best Tricks, BMX Best Trick winner Ryan Williams’ heart-stopping, breathtaking nothing front bikeflip and his 1080 frontflip, and Gregg Duffy’s huge double front flip in FMX Best Trick. 

Nitro World Games 2016 Results

Nitro World Games Skateboard Best Tricks

  1. Elliot Sloan
  2. Clay Kreiner
  3. Trey Wood

Nitro World Games FMX Best Trick

  1. Gregg Duffy
  2. Pat Bowden
  3. Josh Sheehan

Nitro World Games FMX

  1. Levi Sherwood  
  2. Josh Sheehan
  3. Taka Higashino

Nitro World Games BMX Best Tricks

  1. Ryan Williams
  2. Kurtis Downs
  3. Gavin Godfrey

Nitro World Games BMX Triple Hit

  1. Colton Walker
  2. Logan Martin
  3. Alex Coleborn

Nitro World Games Inline Best Tricks

  1. Chris Haffey
  2. Roman Abrate
  3. Dave Lang

Nitro World Games Scooter Best Tricks

  1. Capron Funk
  2. Jordan Clark
  3. Corey Funk

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