Global Flavor - Irvine, CA

With nearly 40% of its population being Asian, Irvine offers foodies true global cuisine, with a wide selection of delicacies from China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and other distant shores.

Several restaurants that originated in Asia's Pacific Rim can be found at Diamond Jamboree, a unique Southern California retail destination that brings together a variety of cuisines and international flavors. Three such restaurants include; Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, Nagoya, Japan, Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle, Jinmen, Taiwan and 85°C Bakery, Bao-Ping, Taipei.

Specializing in coffee, cakes, and breads, 85°C Bakery opened in Irvine in 2009 as the first U.S. store.  Why 85°C? It is the ideal temperature to drink coffee. Their most popular beverage is the Sea Salt Coffee - slightly sweetened iced coffee topped with creamy foam whipped with sea salt, with semi-sweet chocolate powder sprinkled over the top of foam.

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