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Cara Leupuscek

Tom Estey

Leigh Roche

Leigh is a U.S. writer based in Pittsburgh. She is a sports columnist for NewsPronto and Business Daily Media / Rogers Digital Media. She created and wrote the action sports vertical  for International News Magazine, and is an On the Blog contributor for Huffington Post, where she writes about mindful living.

She has written freelance and in-house non-fiction for print, online, and for educational purposes - news articles and editorial, website and blog content- and she has expertise in various social media platforms.

Leigh is a long-time student of yoga and mindfulness meditation, and she brings this to her writing as well as her work with kids and business clients. Her background includes experience as an educator/art educator and she provides therapeutic support to kids on the autism spectrum.

She began skateboarding in the 70s and still enjoys doing that occasionally, as well as riding her bike. An unabashed fan of skateboarding and BMX for many years, Leigh brings an historical perspective, knowledge, and love of action sports to her writing.  

“Action sports are where adrenaline, art, architecture, the outdoors, energy, visual media and music, as well as movement and meditation intersect;  they are global constantly evolving art forms.”

- Leigh Roche

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