5 Places You’d Rather Be This Weekend

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When you’re working, it’s hard to see the end of the tunnel and you feel like your whole life will be spent in the office. Fortunately, this isn’t true and maybe you could even get away for the weekend in a campervan hire Australia.


Or, if you’ve already done the campervan hire Australia trip and you’re looking for something new and exciting, you could always some other destinations that may be exactly what you need for a change of scenery.


The world is your oyster, so what are you waiting for? Sure, you may need some time and money to visit these destinations, but what are you working for anyway? Enjoy the world. The following 5 places are just a few of the destinations where you may consider visiting, instead of staying home this weekend:

1.Granada, Spain: It’s not a city that is often spoken about, but if you’re looking for a unique vacation destination, Granada is a small yet enticing city in southern Spain, located in the area known as Andalusia. Granada is home to the Alhambra, which is not quite like any palace you may have seen back home. Located on top of a hill, it gives a touch of ancient mystery to this southern city. Granada is also where you can find the gypsy-influenced Flamenco or some of the best tapas and wine in the area. If you need a bit of flavor in your life, consider visiting Spain.

2.Amalfi Coast, Italy: This romantic destination is full of little beach towns that are so romantic, that many movies have used them as backdrops in their films. If you plan wisely, you could visit during a time when you won’t find too many tourists. Avoid the busy part of summer and take some time living a bit of romance in one of Italy’s best coastal destinations.

3.Tulum, Mexico: If you don’t mind taking a long flight, Tulum will certainly amaze you. This small town still has plenty of jungle surrounding it and one of the best stretches of beach in the area. It’s full of eco-friendly hotels with easy access to the crystalline waters of Tulum, making it a must-visit destination for many. If you love electronic music, healthy eats, fun people from all over, and a whole lot of sunshine, this is the destination for you. It’s a great place to reconnect with yourself, spend a lot of time reading, and is even a great destination for honeymooners and those who just want to relax. You’ll have plenty of privacy and because Tulum is truly a small-town in every sense of the word, you’ll enjoy getting to know the locals as well.

4. London, UK: If you like visiting cities and getting to know a bit of history, London is a great spot for you. From the weather to the local environment, London is a place to have fun. It’s full of iconic spots, great eats, fun people, and an international vibe that you don’t just find in any city in the world. If you’re up to a good time, a bit of British culture, and plenty to explore, make London a destination for your next weekend off. While it may not be an exotic location, it’s the kind of destination that city slickers will appreciate.

5. Lago di Como, Italy: Oh, the wonders of mountains and lakes in one place. There is nothing quite like this gem, located near one of Italy’s trendiest cities, Milan. Lago di Como is a very large lake with several small towns around for you to visit, from Como to Bellagio, you will have your pick of towns to stay in when you visit this fascinating place in Italy. From hiking to water fun, to simply wining and dining and admiring the locals way of life, there is plenty to do for a trip vacation to this Italian paradise.


These above-mentioned destinations are only a few places in our world that are worth visiting. In fact, it can be hard to know where to go for some time off, especially if you live in Australia. You don’t have to go far to have your plethora of beautiful spots to visit.


If you aren’t yet up to a trip around the world and want to stay in the country, rest assured that Australia has some great spots that worthy of your weekend plans. From the Great Barrier Reef to Melbourne and Sydney, you know just how wonderful this country is.


If you want to catch a flight to far away places or stay local while traveling in a campervan hire Australia, if you dream it, it is possible. Who says you have to stay stressed back home this week? Check out prices and see if a visit to Uluru may be in your plans.


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