Australia’s Most Overlooked Gems

Any campervan enthusiast already knows what Australia has to offer in terms of road trip destinations and adventures. The country is packed with amazing scenery, heart stopping activities, and a plethora of wildlife sighting possibilities. Many of the destinations, such as Kangaroo Island and the Gold Coast, are world-famous and staples for any traveller passing through this great country. But Australia also offers a number of lesser-known destinations that are every bit as scenic and memorable, not to mention less crowded. Anybody loading up their campervan hire and setting out on an Australian trip should definitely schedule in some of the overlooked gems to be found in this nation. Below we have listed some of the top overlooked destinations to consider.


Set on the western end of Australia lies Broome. This town has reached legendary status with backpackers due to its laid back charms, friendly locals, and breathtaking scenery. When it comes to scenery, nothing beats the sunset at Cable Beach. Rare birds are abundant along the gorgeous Roebuck Bay. And the town itself boasts some amazing shopping opportunities, including pink diamonds and the famous Broome Pearls. With its combination of mellow vibes, amazing scenery, and friendly locals, Broome is a great place to kick back for a few days.

Cradle Mountain

Never count Tasmania out if you’re travelling in Australia. This small island boasts some of the best scenery in the country, a fact that legions of backpackers have always secretly known. If passing through Tasmania, make sure to check out Cradle Mountain, which features incredible lakes and scenic peaks that will truly take your breath away. Even if you’re not a climber, you can enjoy long hikes and enjoy a set of views that you won’t soon forget.

Phillip Island

East of Melbourne you can find Phillip Island with its incredible wetlands and miles and miles of scenic beaches. Here you will find a variety of penguins, seals, and rare birds, plus out-of-this-world rock formations along the coast. Not many tourists visit Phillip Island, leaving you in the clear to roam this unspoiled, non-crowded paradise in peace. It may seem a little out of your way, but once you get to Phillip Island you will understand why the detour was absolutely necessary.

Oak Beach

Even in the much-visited Queensland region you will be able to find some peace and quiet at the great Oak Beach. Although not considered an incredibly popular beach with tourists, the locals have always understood that this is one of the top beaches in the world. Here you will find a subtropical, unspoiled paradise with miles of sandy beach as far as the eye can see. Oak Beach has its own inner coral reef which offers an amazing diving opportunity, and the beach is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking stretches of rainforest in all of Australia. If you’re looking for a beach just as beautiful as some of the better-known spots in Queensland, but much less crowded, then oak Beach is definitely for you.

Make sure to schedule in some of these lesser-traveled destinations for your Australian journey. You will absolutely not regret it.

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