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Aussie men are investing big money in their matches, first date matches that is.  A survey conducted by ranked the most generous cities in Australia according to average first-date offer. Results reveal Adelaide is home to the country’s most generous daters, with its bachelors valuing a first date at $375.

Adelaide - 5 October, 2015

Australians have invested big money in order to bolster the country’s economic outlook and a recent study reveals a surprising new industry that men are spending in: dating.

Date-auction site, collected member data to find the Most Generous Cities in Australia, ranking the nation’s cities based on the generosity of their single men., which boasts more than 850,000 members, calculated generosity according to the average first-date offer made through the website.

According to the study, the “Most Generous City” is Adelaide. The cosmopolitan capital city is a hub of culture and the refined bachelors living here prove chivalry isn’t dead valuing a first-date offer at $375. This is more than double the average first date offer of $170 on

Rank - City - Average Spent on a First Date
1. Adelaide - $375
2. Brisbane - $289
3. Sydney - $262
4. Perth - $249
5. Melbourne - $239

“Successful men have taken risks in life in order to achieve their goals,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of “It comes as no surprise that women are attracted to the type of man who is willing to invest in both their professional and love life.” is a patent-pending “Dating-for-Dollars” website. The dating site allows “Generous” members to bid and pay for first dates with other users, revealing not just how much they are willing to spend on a first date, but on a chance at love. Money is exchanged during the date, and second dates may be arranged either online or off.


WhatsYourPrice was launched in April 2011, and has over 800,000 members worldwide. It is the only date-auction where money can buy you love or at least a first date. The website provides a platform where generous members can bid on a first date with an attractive member. The website gives both types of daters an advantage in the dating market, making it The Online Dating Shortcut.

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