3 Things to Think About Before Getting Your Child into Modeling

  • Written by Adam Jacobs

Modeling is a competitive industry. Lots of agencies strive to emerge on top by signing the best talents who come in all sizes and ages. And yes, a child — your child — can become a model, too.


But before getting your child into modeling, a respected casting agency emphasizes that there are several important things to consider to guarantee success. This career path can be fun-filled, but it also entails a lot of work. Both you and your child should be well-prepared to deal with all the challenges involved in it.


Read further to learn the three most important things to think about before getting your child on the road to modeling.

1. Is modeling right for your little one?

As with any career, not every individual (in this case, not every child) can become a successful model. Typically, outgoing kids are best suited for this profession, but this does not necessarily mean that more timid yet cooperative children can’t be up for modeling as well. It will really depend on a child’s particular attitude and approach towards the work.


For instance, models will be asked to perform all kinds of actions, some of which may be uncomfortable, such as wearing too big or too small shoes, standing on the sea shore in a swimsuit, or having their clothes and hairstyle changed constantly in just a few hours. So if your child would not be comfortable with any of these things, then modeling may not be a great fit.


And while modeling agencies understand the difficulties that child models may encounter, most will prefer to work with children who are well-mannered and easy-going. If your child easily follows direction, doesn’t complain when instructed or corrected, gets the message quickly, and demonstrates resilience, then your kid can definitely be up for a career in modelling.

2. Are you ready to become a parent to a child model?

As a child model parent, expect to have a lot of responsibilities ahead of you. For instance, you must get your child to bookings and castings on time. You must be ready to keep up with all the demands and challenges of having a child model. In fact, you may need to sacrifice your full-time day job. Otherwise, you must ask someone you trust to guide and assist your child through every step of the way.


Just like modeling is tough for your child, this can also be challenging for you as a parent. However, this can be made more manageable if you consider this endeavor to be an adventure for you and your kid. You must know not to put a lot of pressure on your child; instead, inspire them to be the best they can be every time they go for auditions, and to understand and accept whatever the outcome may be.


If your child does find success in modeling, they can surely help with your household bills and daily expenses, but this should not be the sole reason for them to enter this lucrative yet competitive industry. It would be best to set most of their earnings aside for their education and future.


And remember that every case is unique – some achieve financial success in just months while others will take years. So comparing your child to other aspiring models is a big no-no. If they get turned down by an agency, you should learn from the experience and move on, just like your child has to, too.


3. How much will it cost?

Though modeling agencies will not charge anything so your child can audition for a job, you must prepare a certain amount of money to cover related expenses. Though it is not necessary to book professional shoots or to hire a professional photographer to take a picture of your child, doing so will put your child in the best position to book gigs. And today, high-quality photos can indeed cost a significant amount.


Other expenses will include transportation costs, which can quickly pile up if you live far from the venues of auditions or shoots. Also, you may need to invest in fine clothing, footwear and suitable fashion accessories.


Most people think that modeling is all about being glamorous. Yes, it is a lucrative, dazzling field, but this career path entails a lot of patience, commitment, and determination as well – especially if young children are involved.

So before getting your child into modeling, think long and hard first. If you and your child are up for the challenges and you have the means and resources to pursue this, then it can be a great career option to consider.


So be prepared, work hard, and fill out and submit as many modeling application for kids as you can. Good luck!



Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia's biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.


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