• Written by N. Lewis

Inside the heart of the architectual buildings of Sydney’s CBD, a creative artistic production Team of the brand new feature film; ”Mrittupuri” By film director Zayed Rizwan in association with feature hair boutique of Sydney NSW produces Sydney’s up and coming new young actors from Bangladesh Arifin Shuvoo & Prosun Azad and artists with a brand new exciting standpoint which will express a new viewpoint into a collection of exciting scenes which will explore diverse new characters. The inimitable attitude of integrating the fresh essences of Sydney’s creative industry and harmony of Actors from Bangladesh will create an illumination of the unique new Sydney scene setting this month!

The imaginative representation of uncovered allure has transported hair and makeup, photography, film and sound crew to a new level. The creatives team have had many successes through maintaining network building comprising scene exposure and have brought a strong highlight of attention to the Sydney public!

The setting of closeness, ingenuity and original styles to convert a disposition all in one place will become an influential and inspiring production of creativity and passion for the collaboration of Sydney’s talent with Dhallywood!

The aesthetics department is managed by the inspirational works of no other than top Australian Hair & Makeup Stylist Cara Leupuscek of Feature Hair Boutique, Sydney NSW, a brilliant rare edge of generating diverse methods of high end styling techniques will inhibit Miss Cara Leupuscek’s inspiration board on the film set.

The appreciation for the talent and character of the cultural essence of Bangladesh will be very fitting to the strong turbulent approach that Mr Zayed Rizwan has shaped. The areas around Sydney will extend the composition of the fight scenes, love, allurement and bravery which will host many outstanding memories of the making of this unravelling movie.

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