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  • Written by Irma Dupuis

Over the last 4 years, the London-based travel firm has pioneered an alternative to the usual backpacking destinations, taking its 1,000th customer on a tour of China. The Dragon Trip makes it easy for a growing number of travellers to experience all the epic sights of China combined with an adventure that rivals anything found in New Zealand or Thailand.

Popular activities include hiking, seeing the pandas, bamboo rafting, nightlife and camping on a remote stretch of the Great Wall. Reviews of the trip – not to mention exotic new profile pics – are starting to get noticed and it won't be long before backpacking in the world's 'next big thing' is considered a rite of passage.

Business has increased rapidly since taking 100 people in 2011, forecasting a total of 1,200 this year with strong sales already for 2016. The company has partnerships with major high street travel agents, offices in the UK and throughout China and a rapidly growing team of over 20.

TDT's support staff and guides (local and foreign) focus on high-energy, flexible itineraries that are second-to-none, suit all tastes, ages, and don't break the bank. Travellers enjoy having the option of taking part in numerous optional activities, in addition to the core, 'must- see' attractions that are included.

On starting the company, founder Ramsay Kerr said, “China is more beautiful, fun and fascinating than anywhere I've been. I was sitting at a bar in Yangshuo when I figured I had to put it on the map.” A few years later, the firm is well on the way to succeeding, as travel- blogger Amy Gibbs writes. “It really is good to see China off-the-beaten-track ... this would have been very difficult without The Dragon Trip or decent Mandarin.”

The main 25-day Hong Kong circuit tour costs $2040 (excl. flights and food) with trips departing regularly between March and October. More details at: thedragontrip.com/25